Enjoy A Great Dining Experience In Katy Texas

For a long time Katy Texas was regarded as a little bit of a culinary backwater. A sort of place where the only meal of any excitement was to be found in places along the side of the road which offered an extra helping of fries with your burger. Thankfully for those who find themselves in the vicinity of Houston this is most definitely not the case anymore.

Even as the Katy culinary scene explodes onto the Texas dining agenda there are hidden gems that only those with local knowledge will be able to point out. These are places that the locals guard jealously – and for very good reason.

They provide some of the best food and greatest dining experiences available in the region.

So if you want to dig deeper into the cuisine that is available in Katy – and have some fun doing it what are these hidden gems?

Let’s start off with ‘Thee Trini Hut’ Caribbean food at its finest. Even in the heat of a Texas summer you’ll be sweating even more. A good thing – it cools you down. There’s a huge menu – but highlights like the goat curry and shrimp curry beg for exploration. The chicken curry is another highlight.

Get down south (really down south) at the ‘Super Pollo Rico Latin Grill and Bar’. Here Columbian and Venezuelan cuisine are offered with traditional hospitality – and with a smile as wide as a rising sun. You’re certainly not slumming it. The bright and breezy (but simple) decor add to the relaxed atmosphere. There are so many choices, including some Tex Mex favorites that it can become difficult to choose – but the wait staff are incredibly helpful. Try the rotisserie chicken combo – it’s huge and filled with juicy goodness.

If you really want to enjoy great food and don’t mind finding your own seat or even standing while you eat fabulous cuisine then try out El NorteƱo Pollos Asados. A blue bus based food truck it produces succulent meals like the half chicken complete with Menudo, enough tortillas to be just right and scalding creamy green salsa. It’s more than enough to satisfy even the most hungry of appetites.

Of course Katy also boasts some incredible sit down venues where the entire family can just enjoy fabulous food. But go off the beaten track and Katy delivers incredible secret dining destinations.

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